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Lockdown Events Ltd are Darren James and Scott Wilkinson. Darren had already been DJing in their home town and all over for years, and Scott was a Bar Manager, so they had already known each other for some time before a chance meeting in a pub, just after the Lockdown had been lifted.

"I wanna put on a festival" Darren and Scott both said at the same time as they shared a few pints.

Darren had already wrote the plan and made the legal enquiries about holding such an event.

Scott had already rustled up a whole heap of interest at the Rugby Club in Daventry town, where he coached.

Scott was also already a huge festival freak with over a thousand festivals attended.

"I could do that", he thought to himself.

Darren had played in rave tents and at warehouse parties all over the place and was quite the accomplished DJ.

"I can do that", he thought to himself.

So they did...

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